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“I would highly recommend acupuncture with Carmen. I attended with her during the last trimester of my pregnancy, I found the sessions really relaxing and felt very calm in the run up to my labour. Carmen great at responding to what I needed any particular week and was a great listener to help alleviate any anxiety I had. Thanks again 🙏

Marissa O’Keeffe (Naas)

“I have been attending Carmen for the last few years, including recently at the end of my pregnancy. Carmen showed me some acupressure points to work on between our appointments and I felt like the whole process really helped to kickstart labour for me. Carmen is a kind, gentle person with a great interest in overall health and well-being and I always feel like I’ve had some mental therapy as well as feeling physically better. I would highly recommend her.”

Orla Byrne (Naas)

“I developed post nasal drip about 4 years ago. It was very aggressive and I was exhausted with it. I tried everything – nasal rinse, nasal sprays, steroids, salt rooms, various types of acupuncture and while the latter did help somewhat I just couldn’t shake it. Then I found Carmen and her products and they have helped immensely. I cannot believe how much better I feel. And the added benefit is that joint stiffness I also suffered from has also improved greatly. Thank you Carmen.”

Mary Johnston (Dublin)

“After having difficulty conceiving for a couple of years, a friend recommended attending Carmen for acupuncture and massage treatment to aid the fertility treatment I was receiving. I couldn’t believe the difference and impact the treatments with Carmen had from the very outset, even the medical staff commented on the different response my body was having this particular time. I was delighted to discover I was pregnant and continued to attend Carmen for regular sessions thereafter. Having attended different acupuncturists in the past, I highly recommend Carmen. She was a great support to me not just in the professional treatments she provided, but very reassuring and positive also through what was a very difficult time.”

Marie (Kildare)

“I first attended Carmen over a year ago for a pre-existing back injury that was made worse during a third pregnancy. I found her very knowledgeable and confident right from the start and she had a lovely warm and welcoming manner. Her treatments were so relaxing and I really felt it helped to alleviate my symptoms.

I have also started facial acupuncture to deal with wrinkles and am so amazed at the difference it is making. I would highly recommend Carmen to anyone who wishes to try acupuncture.”

Deirdre (Clonee)

“I am a 52 year old woman who’s being going to Carmen for the last 5 months. The symptom I went to Carmen with was constipation. I can’t believe how much she has done for me, it’s being amazing. Also, with me being 52 I am going through menopause, Carmen has helped me so much with hot flushes and night sweats, I can’t thank her enough, she is a wonderful therapist and very passionate about her work. I would recommend her to anybody. Many thanks, Carmen!”

Esther (Naas)

“Hi Carmen, just had to let you and everyone know how well I am following my treatment. I would not have been hopeful before attending that acupuncture would be able to help. I was taking 2/4 pain killers on a daily basis before coming to your clinic for pain in my hip and thumb joints, I have not had to take any for the past 3 months. And now the biggest transformation over the past few weeks has seen to my sinusitis from which I have suffered many years, the relief has been amazing.

Keep up the good work. I would certainly recommend your treatment to anyone.”

Eugene (Naas)

“My husband and I have been trying for a baby for nearly 3 years, and already have gone through one miscarriage. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis, this however didn’t seem to cause any anatomical obstruction (at least this is what I was advised by a number of doctors). This was a very stressful and probably the most difficult period in our life. Then a friend of mine recommended Carmen as an alternative approach to our problem. After 3 sessions with Carmen I got pregnant! We couldn’t believe that after so many years of trying we succeeded in only one month! I’m 13 weeks pregnant now and embracing this wonderful moment in my life. Thanks to Carmen I was able to relax and get rid of that mental block, she also restored a balance in my body. Words can’t describe how grateful I am.”

A.L (Naas)

“Injuries are part of sport and every sportsperson knows how frustrating they can be. After six months of trying a range of treatments for upper back strain I decided to try some massage and acupuncture with Carmen over a six week period. This helped treat the muscle strain and allowed me to return to active cycling sooner than I expected. The treatment also had the added benefit of helping me much sleep better at night which I believe further aided my recovery.”

Steve McEvoy (Portmarnock)

“As a first time mother, I expected to go past my due delivery date and wanted to consider natural ways to promote labour rather than having to be induced. I had heard that acupuncture had positive results for some people and decided to give it a go. So I arranged for some acupuncture with Carmen two days after my due date. I then arranged for another session a few days later – but it wasn’t needed as my labour began the day after the acupuncture and my son was born soon after! It certainly seemed to help and I’d encourage any expectant mother to give it a try.”

Isabel Perez (Dublin)

“I have attended a few therapy sessions with Carmen for back and hip pain and I find her excellent in the way she approaches the whole you and the conditions that need to be treated. She is warm and very good listener giving you the personalized attention before, during and after the sessions. She has an excellent healing energy in her hands and she takes her job very seriously. She will always give you more than you expect. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Mayca (Dublin)

“I came to Carmen because I was feeling very stressed and anxious about different things in my life. I had never tried acupuncture before and was willing to give it a shot. After a few sessions I found myself feeling much more relaxed. I can definitely confirm that it has had a very positive effect on me because I recently had a dreaded audit at work, I felt completely unstressed and calm during the audit and it went really well. It’s all thanks to Carmen who has a great knowledge in the area and made me feel very relaxed from the start.”

Noelle (Naas)

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