Conditions Treated

Conditions treated

Traditional Therapies are all about holistic approach. As all parts of the body are interconnected, it is essential to work on the body as a whole to get the best results from the treatment. That is why for many health issues, We work with patients using both Acupuncture and Tuina Medical Massage. So what kind of problems can be treated with these two important components of TCM?

Stress and Anxiety

Acupuncture is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. As a means of relaxation, it proves useful for patients for whom anxiety and stress are primarily issues because of having to cope with difficulties in their lives, as well as for people experiencing anxiety connected to other health problems. Tuina Massage used together with Acupuncture to deal with stress relaxes muscles helping to get rid of tension in the body – the first step to relax the mind. Back to top


Acupuncture reduces stress and anxiety and improves the general well-being, harmonizing the internal state of the body which is directly related to the state of mind. Individual approach to the patient helps build practitioner-patient relation based on trust and understanding. Good practitioner-patient relationship and emotional support provided by the practitioner may be crucial to dealing with depressive states. Back to top


Tiredness may be simply a result of stress, bad sleeping habits and working too many hours. However, it may be linked to some health issues, such as thyroid problems. It is therefore necessary to first identify the cause of tiredness and then suggest the best way to deal with it. Acupuncture is excellent in relaxing, balancing the body and energizing ones own resources. Back to top

Sleep disturbances

Acupuncture and Tuina Massage can effectively reduce stress and anxiety. They can therefore help patients with insomnia, who lead a hectic lifestyle improving their sleeping habits. Back to top


Asthma is a serious condition that should be treated and carefully controlled. According to TCM, asthma is caused due to external factors like pollutants and other pathogens and due to weekend body resistance. Acupuncture can boost immunity system increasing body’s own resources and lower amount of phlegm which is often present. Acupuncture therapy is a good adjunctive treatment for asthma patients. Back to top

Chronic pain

Chronic pain conditions are a big problem in industrialized societies – the longer we live, the more likely the development of a health issue linked to chronic pain. Practitioners focused on conventional treatment methods may encounter special difficulties when dealing with patients with more than one pathology. Acupuncture is a very effective way of reducing or eliminating pain in many common chronic conditions, such as chronic lower back pain (see below), chronic neck pain, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, chronic period pain or chronic widespread pain to name few. While treating chronic pain, Acupuncture is usually coupled with Tuina Massage for the greater patients benefit. While untreated or under treated pain can severely impact on the quality of life, the use of Acupuncture and Tuina significantly relieve chronic pain and improve the overall quality of life. Back to top

Acute and chronic lower back pain

Chronic lower back pain is one of the most common chronic pain syndromes in western societies. It may be caused by sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity and bad posture or a traumatic injury. As already stated, therapy with the use of Acupuncture and Tuina can effectively relieve pain and lead to a sense of general well-being. Back to top


Arthritis is a rheumatoid disorder resulting in chronic pain. Acupuncture may help relieve pain linked to rheumatoid diseases, such as arthritis. For this purpose it is usually used together with Tuina Massage, which improves blood circulation in the body as a whole. Back to top

Tennis elbow

Lateral epicondylitis, popularly known as tennis elbow, is one of the most frequent causes of pain in the region of the elbow joint (usually on the outside of the elbow). While often being connected to sports, the condition is not limited to tennis players. It may have a gradual onset and is related to repetitive movements of the arm, often being the result of physical work. As occupational factor is very important in the etiology of this disorder, changes in workload and lifestyle are usually essential to benefit from any kind of therapy. Acupuncture, often used in combination with Tuina Massage, can lessen the tennis elbow symptoms. Back to top

Golfer’s elbow

Medial epicondylitis, commonly known as golfer’s elbow, is an overuse tendinopathy of wrist flexor muscles. Golfer’s elbow is an inflammatory condition resulting in pain on the inside of the elbow that can radiate to arm and wrist. While not limited to people involved in different sports, golfer’s elbow is a popular condition among avid tennis and golf players, making it quite a common problem in Ireland, as golf is so popular on the Emerald Isle. The best way of treating golfer’s elbow is of course rest, as the tissues need time for self-repair. Acupuncture coupled with Tui Na Massage can help reduce the pain while the elbow tissues are being regenerated. Back to top

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition where shoulder’s mobility becomes restricted. There are different possible causes of this disorder. Acupuncture along with Tuina has proven to be very effective in releasing shoulder stiffness and in promoting fresh body fluids in the affected area, realizing muscles tension and increasing the lost range of movement. Back to top


Being an effective treatment for different kinds of pain, Acupuncture may be of benefit for people suffering from migraine. Acupuncture therapy can both reduce the intensity of migraine pain and reduce the number of days with a migraine, therefore improving the quality of life of migraine patients. Tuina is also used for this purpose providing a means of relaxation, which helps reduce the level of stress that may be linked to migraine. Back to top

Recurring headaches

Recurring headaches are often difficult to treat as they may be caused by many different factors. They may be linked to psychological issues, as well as internal organ disharmony and other internal blockages. There are several types of headaches many of which are treatable. Acupuncture and Tuina can help get rid of factors leading to headaches, allowing the patient to enjoy a headache-free life. Back to top

Jaw pain/TMJD

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) is a jaw-related health issue with multiple potential causes. As TMJD results in facial pain, many patients undergo the Acupuncture treatment in order to alleviate it. Studies show that Acupuncture can lessen the condition by acting on both pain and joint function. Tuina can also be used to relax the tight face muscles. Back to top

Fibromyalgia syndrome

Fibromyalgia syndrome, a rheumatic disorder linked to chronic widespread pain all over the body. It has often been accompanied by other symptoms like, extreme tiredness, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, IBS, anxiety etc. Even thou its cause is still unknown many studies suggest being related to stress, genetic, neurobiological and environmental factors. Acupuncture and Tuina can reduce pain-sensitivity, reduce the symptoms and by balancing the body improve overall quality of life. Back to top


Sciatica is caused by irritation or compression of one of five spinal nerve roots giving rise to the sciatic nerve or of the sciatic nerve itself. The term ‘sciatica’ refers to a set of symptoms rather than a specific disease. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, lower back pain or weakness, numbness and pain of foot and leg. Sciatica can be a result of different pathologies, ranging from spinal disc herniation and local inflammation to other diseases.
Acupuncture combined with Tuina can relieve the pain, ease the muscle tension, remove stiffness and inflammation in the effective area. Back to top

Post-surgery pain

Known for its analgesic effects, Acupuncture has been proven to relieve pain in different body parts sore after a surgery. Back to top

Sport injuries

Acupuncture reduce pain linked to sport injuries promoting healing process in muscles, ligaments and tendons while easing the pain leading to self recovery.
Please be aware that these Traditional Treatments do not repair broken bones. Back to top

Repetitive strain injury & Carpal tunnel syndrome

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are common in people making the same movements repeatedly, often while performing work-related tasks, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) being one of the more specific types of injuries. Acupuncture can be used both on its own or as an addition to Tuina Massage to reduce pain and get overall improvement. Back to top

Digestive problems

Stress, unbalanced diet and unhealthy eating habits may all lead to a variety of problems with intestines, such as diarrhoea, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. TCM’s holistic and personalized approach to the patient helps identify the cause underlying the individual digestive problem and work on the body as a whole to solve the issue. Acupuncture therapy allows to regain the natural balance and regulate intestine function. It helps lessen abdominal discomfort and abdominal pain. Being a means of relaxation, it also reduces stress and anxiety, eliminating stress-related intestine problems. It is especially effective while used together with Tuina. Back to top


Diabetes seems to be the curse of modern world, with more and more patients diagnosed with this condition every year. Available data shows that Acupuncture can act on endocrine system, regulating the function of pancreas and lowering blood sugar, therefore being a good adjunctive therapy for diabetes. Acupuncture can also help in weight loss and prevent obese patients from further weight gain, which is extremely important in controlling the disease development. Back to top


Menopause is a very difficult period in every woman’s life; while some women pass this phase with only minor inconveniences, for others it may be harder and cause many different issues, such as hot flushes, sleep disturbances, weight gain, anxiety and depression. Acupuncture with Tuina can re-establish the lost balance, help solve the insomnia issue and provide a means of relaxation useful in dealing with anxiety and depression. Practitioner-patient relation built on trust and understanding is especially important for women undergoing menopause; TCM recognizes individual needs and offers personalized approach to suit every female patient coping with menopause-related issues. Back to top

Fertility issues & IVF support – fertility acupuncture and acupuncture for IVF support

Sexual health is very important for both physical and psychological well-being. Stress, pollution, bad eating habits and living too fast all play a role in creating fertility issues, which, sadly, are more and more common. Acupuncture can help solve some female fertility issues in many ways. Firstly, it can help re-establish the natural balance essential for good health; acting on the body as a whole can be the key to regaining sexual health. Secondly, Acupuncture treatments can help regulate the menstrual cycle, making natural conception easier. By increasing blood flow through uterus, Acupuncture can also facilitate implantation of the embryo. What is sometimes even more important, Acupuncture is a great way to reduce stress and relax. Relaxation techniques are extremely useful for women experiencing delays in getting pregnant, who are often put under too much pressure and seek a way to cope with the situation. Acupuncture is also used as adjunctive therapy by women preparing for IVF. Back to top

Facial Rejuvenation

Wrinkles appear as a result of changes in collagen structure of the skin, but are also linked to stress and anxiety that provoke specific facial mimics. Acupuncture provides an excellent means of facial rejuvenation by promoting collagen in critical areas and improved facial tone. It is also a great way to prevent early appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the patient and reducing stress levels. Back to top

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