Picture of 5 Small Acupuncture Needles on a wooden desk with leaves of young barley
Small, Safe & Effective

Acupuncture can be seen as a non-invasive and a drug-free alternative to western medicine. It is applied by inserting a tiny needle through the skin at areas known as acupoints in order to get a therapeutic effect.

To fully understand how Acupuncture works, it is necessary to get familiar with the Chinese philosophy and its concept of health and disease. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), disease is linked to an energetic imbalance within the body.

Stimulating specific acupoints can help re-establish balance in body tissues and its related organs. As all tissues and organs of the body are interdependent, the whole body is affected by the procedure and the energy flow is regulated in all body parts. Acupuncture is a good example of TCM’s holistic approach to cure not only the illness itself, but also its cause.

In many cases the best results from a treatment is obtained by using Acupuncture and Tuina Medical Massage simultaneously, as they complement each other and are both built on the same medical foundations.

Moxibustion Warming Moxa on Acupuncture Needle During Treatment
Moxibustion Delivers Warmth to Deeper Tissue to Increase Therapeutical Effect

What to expect during a typical acupuncture session?

A typical treatment lasts for 50 – 55 minutes. During this time the patient is asked about the condition that troubles him and his health history, diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, stress, which may all be relevant. Some simple diagnostic checks like pulse taking, tongue diagnostic etc. might be observed to help in selecting the most appropriate treatment path to fast recovery.

Depending on these results, appropriate time will be individually dedicated to either Acupuncture or Tuina Medical Massage Therapy only, or combination of both. Other therapies like Cupping and Bach Flower treatment could also be added.

It is to our prime concern that our patients feel secure and comfortable.

Acupuncture is best known to treat the following health issues:

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