Why is 30% polysaccharides an optimal concentration in MicoMedica's mushrooms?

– Mushroom polysaccharides are the main active ingredients of mushrooms. But not the only ones!!! Triterpenoids, ergosterols, essential phospholipids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. are also very important.

– We use mushroom extracts with 30% polysaccharides for MycoMedica products. The concentration is 40% only in Coriolus mushrooms and the Reishi and Coriolus mushrooms are available in two options – with 30% and 50% polysaccharides.

– 30% concentration is optimal for chronic, serious and lengthy problems. We proceed not only from our experience but also from the experience of our German colleagues who have been working with mushrooms for over 40 years. During this time, they tested the use of mushroom biomass and also extracts with higher and lower concentrations.

– What happens with a lower concentration of 10-20%? The product’s effect will be weaker.

– What happens with a lower concentration of 40, 50, 60% or more? The percentage of polysaccharides in the extract increases but, unfortunately, at the expense of other active substances that are also important. This will change the overall effect of the extract compared to a raw mushroom, so the extract will no longer have the same comprehensive effect, which is important in oncological problems. And that’s not what we want in these cases.

– However, there are cases that require a stronger impulse for the body – acute conditions, mental or physical exhaustion, cases where it’s necessary to strengthen natural immunity by shock. Therefore, we also offer Reishi and Cordyceps with a guaranteed content of at least 50% of polysaccharides and 20% β-1.3/1.6 D-glucans. MycoMedica is the only manufacturer in the EU to offer such a powerful combination. Both variants (Reishi 30% and 50%) can be combined in some cases. But for most serious problems, we recommend using Reishi/Cordyceps with a 30% polysaccharide concentration.

– If you’re not sure whether to choose 30% or 50%, please contact our advisory centre: [email protected]

– If it’s necessary to increase the effect strength in case of chronic conditions, there’s no need to increase the concentration of polysaccharides in the extract, but it’s better to increase the daily dose – i.e. the number of capsules used (however, in our opinion, there’s no point in taking more than 5g/day, even in the most serious problems).

– What should convince you to choose MycoMedica? Our mushrooms are used by the vast majority of doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners. See here. Logically, they have to work with products that are high quality and effective.  Even the best marketing won’t cure their patients. Quality medicinal mushrooms help with cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies, chronic inflammation, diabetes, hypertension, mental problems, and many others, and only a cured patient is a proof that the product is really effective and helps improve their condition.

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