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90 capsules (500mg), 100% PURE EXTRACT, NO ADDITIVES
Agarikon is a fungus that has been used in medicine in Europe since ancient times. Its use was then documented by the physician of Nero’s army Dioscorides in 65 AD.
Why is 30% of polysaccharides at our Agarikon optimal concentration?  You can find an explanation  here .
All our mushrooms raw material is tested in the German independent laboratory Agrolab for more than  500 types of  known heavy metals, pesticides and human-dangerous microorganisms. We also test PAHs and radioactivity. We test each batch.  And for mushrooms, such tests are very important. You can view the tests  herehere  and  here .


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Verpáník lékařský (Laricifomes officinalis, Agarikon, Quinine conk) is a pathogenic wood-destroying fungus that grows in the northern hemisphere, mainly in the higher regions of Europe (eg Alps, Carpathians), Russia, Canada, Asia, etc. It mainly attacks larch and produces perennial fruiting bodies. which can be more than 60 cm long. They look like a hoof or a pillar. At first they are yellowish white and soft, but with increasing age they darken (usually yellow-brown) and harden. The mushroom is not poisonous, but due to its consistency and taste, which is relatively bitter, it is not used in the kitchen, only as a means of traditional medicine. The English name is derived from the bitter taste, because people thought it contained quinine. Verpáník can be dried and crushed into powder, used pieces for decoctions and teas, etc. In traditional medicine it has been used for millennia, it was also found in a mummy 5,000 years old which was preserved in ice.


Package contents:  90 capsules of 500 mg extract – in gelatin or herbal capsules (herbal are also suitable for vegans)
Net content :  53g
Ingredients in 1 capsule:
laricifomes officinalis , Laricifomes officinalis extract of the fruiting bodies min. 30% polysaccharides  – 500mg
Excipients: without excipients, additives and preservatives


  • for health problems: 4–10 capsules per day (we recommend consulting your doctor or Chinese medicine practitioner)
  • for preventive use: 1–3 capsules per day
  • we recommend using it for 5 days a week and then skipping 2 days
  • take the capsules on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before meals or 60 minutes after meals), wash them down with water or weak green tea
  • when using medicinal mushrooms, we recommend increasing the intake of vitamin C, which increases the absorption of active substances. For example, in the form of a Barbados cherry extract Acerola.


Warning: The product isn’t intended for children under 3 years of age, for pregnant women or breast-feeding women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. The product isn’t intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. It doesn’t contain any ephedrine, caffeine, gluten, preservatives, dyes or sugar.

Products on this site are dietary supplements. These products are not medicines and they can’t be used to replace prescription drugs.

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